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Tips to Choose a Right Power Transformer Supplier

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-05
Power transformer is slowly becoming an important accessory in our daily lives because they help to manage power or supply voltage with ease. It is usually employed for transferring electrical energy over a large area and also becoming a very common sight in our neighborhoods. Today, there is no dearth of power transformer manufacturer and transformer suppliers in the market who cater to various energy demands and clients. If you are one such aspirant who wishes to invest in power transformers then following tips will make sense - Industrial experience and Quality Standards - This term exercises great control over your choices. You can do little ground work to learn whether the company has industrial experience in installing electric transformers with clients of same niche as you. Whether they have relevant classifications or quality certifications to run the business etc. You can ask for some references from the suppliers and meet up the clients to check their experiences. Services & Products- Next priority on your list should be the range of services offered by the supplier. You can see if they are capable to perform transformer installation, transformer testing, maintenance, oil testing, LTC (load tap changers), other relative engineering services and technical support. Also, you can check their specialized products such as oil cooled transformer, combined CT PT unit, dry type transformer, battery charges, Toroidal transformers, step up and step down transformers and servo transformers. Specified Choices - Not all transformer suppliers serve you equally, which means you have to test if they are offering you specific choices such as changing input voltage requirements (which may vary from few volts to kilowatts), hertz, and power capacity. You have to see which supplier understands your requirements and mitigates them easily. Service Charges - This may largely vary depending on the services offered by particular current transformers suppliers. Also, you can ask for quotes and check their service charges to reach on proper conclusion. See if the charges compensates with your requirements and availabilities and offered quality. You can perhaps approach various suppliers and ask for the quotes. This will give you better idea about the market charges and a little consultation will help you to reach into conclusions. The above tips may aid you to make the right choice about potential transformers and it will aid you in long run. You can always search internet or consult experts to get good hold on the subject. STS Transformers is a manufacturer of top quality electrical transformers and offers wide range of transformer products and installation services.
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