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Tips to Consider Before Buying Plasma Cutter

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-13
Plasma cutter is used to cut any type of metal safely and easily. It can be used to cut different varieties of metals and can be used in large cutting operations. As these cutters seldom require a pre-heating cycle, it is used in a wide variety of applications. It does not damage or warp the metal. The cutter sends an inert gas through the plasma torch which sparks an electrical arc. It is then used to cut the metal easily and neatly. Although there are many advantageous benefits of using these cutters, the up front cost is quite high compared to the other types of metal cutters. But even then it is considered to be cost effective as it involves low operating costs and high speed. Moreover, it is quite economical for large cutting operations. It is important to consider the following tips before purchasing a plasma cutter. Type of cutter: There are different types of cutters available in both the online and offline stores. There are small portable units which can be used for domestic purposes. It can be moved by hand as it is light in weight. There are large units designed specifically for garages and industrial purposes. These large units require table with wheels or carts so that it can be transported from one place to another. It is necessary to purchase units which can be transported according to your requisite. Output power: The output power of the unit determines the type of metal that can be cut with the plasma cutter. If the output power is huge, thicker metals can be cut easily and quickly. It is important to choose the units according to the type of metals to be cut. Duty cycle of the unit: It is also important to consider the duty cycle of the unit before choosing the product. The duty cycle of the machine depicts the maximum output of the unit. Small machines require lesser time and power to function whereas large operations require high capacity metal cutters. Power required: It is also essential to estimate the total power required by the unit to cut the metals. The thickness of the metal determines the amount of power required by the machine. Thinner metals require less time and power than the thicker metals. Cutting speed: The cutting speed of the unit is also another important factor to consider before purchasing these cutting machines. The speed of the cutting machine is noted as IPM or Inches per Minute. It is important to choose machines with the right cutting speed so that it is productive and cost-effective. Types of torch: There are mainly two types of cutting torches used in plasma cutter. The two varieties include the high frequency torch and the contact start torch. High frequency cutting torch is reliable and safe. The contact start torch is quite efficient as it turns on instantly. Before purchasing these cutting devices, it is also important to ensure the efficiency of the machine. In addition to cutting devices, there are various types of drilling machines available in the online stores too.
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